The Team Behind
Your Success

TransGlobal’s affiliated companies are currently comprised of over 5,000 professional independent agents located across major U.S.

Philip Hu

Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer
CA Lic. 0A37512

Sarina Hu

Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer
CA Lic. 0D00926

Betty Shih

Marketing Manager

Ext. 1052
Direct: (626) 244-2761

Sandra Chang

Marketing Specialist (Graphic Design & Social Media)

Ext. 8011

Wendi Ren

Media Production Supervisor

Ext. 1891

Tammy Lin

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ext. 9516

Jim Lin

Video Editing Assistant

Allen Huang

Regional Specialist | Marketing Assistant (Fremont & Cupertino)

Ext. 5110
Direct: (510) 405-0231
CA Lic. 4199573

Miaoyan Zhang

Market Research Analyst

Ext. 6502
Direct: (650) 282-4447

Ping Yang Lee

Market Research Analyst

Ext. 9725
Direct: (972) 646-2465

Hang Dong

Financial Analyst

Ext. 6172
Direct: (857) 347-4596

Liling Lin

Financial Analyst

Ext. 6173
Direct: (857) 347-4597

Evelle Dai

Marketing Assistant

Ext. 1041

Amber Pan

Marketing Assistant

Joseph Meng

Marketing Assistant

Ashley Hsiung

Marketing Assistant